“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”
– Abraham Lincoln

Need to know about something but don’t have the time?

The boss wants to know the history of the place you’re visiting for the dinner party tomorrow night?

Not sure what sources to trust, but don’t have time to check?

With the amount of information available on the internet it takes time to sort through the good, the bad, the fallacious, and the utterly insane.

If you need to know all there is about a place, a situation, or any given subject we can provide it for you. Complete with references and hyperlinks to reference material and further reading; the level of detail is up to you.


  • A history of the Peloponnese
  • Condensed Greek mythology (after-dinner version)
  • Threat level research into Mosquito-borne illnesses in the South Pacific
  • Environmental policy in New Zealand
  • Piracy concerns in the South China Sea